File Submision

File Submission Guidelines

How do I send files to MAR?

MAR offers secure FTP sites for use by our customers. If you only send over files occasionally, we can grant you access to our company site. For high volume users, we offer customized secure FTP sites. In some cases, you may want to use email to transfer files. Though not a very good option for large graphic files, it works fine for smaller data files or smaller graphic files. The use of a compression program will save you uploading time and will also offer other benefits such as password based security and some protection from file corruption.

What about using PDF files?

PDF's are great, as long as they are created correctly. PDF files can be created using various programs and print drivers, unfortunately all of these options are capable of producing poor quality PDFs. The best PDF files are created directly from the all the top level graphic design programs out there. Microsoft Word and Publisher are not top level graphic design programs, and while we can use them in some cases, they introduce a host of issues if not correctly converted into a PDF.